Thursday, May 3, 2007

4 More in Today!

Starting with hockey first. I received Trent Hunter c/o Islanders. I sent Trent 1 card and 1 homemade card on 11-12-06 and received them both signed on 5-3-07.

Brad Ausmus signed 1 card that was sent to the Astros on 4-16-07. Brad is just about the best ttm signer out there.

Clint Sammons signed 1 bowman card and 2 of my homemade cards c/o Myrtle Beach. The cards were sent to him on 4-24-07 and received on 5-30-07.

My favorite success of the day! Tim Norton signed 1 homemade card to my son. The card was sent to Tim on 4-24-07 c/o The Charleston River Dogs. Tim is a very good prospect for the Yankees. The best part of this success was that Tim sent along something very nice for my son as well. Tim is a class act.