Monday, May 21, 2007

Successes for 5-21!

A big day finally. After not receiving anything for a week, I get a grand total of 5 in the mail today!

Jordan Tata c/o Toledo. This former Sam Houston Bearkat is one of the top prospects in the Tigers system. He signed 2/2 that were sent on 4-16.

Neil Walker c/o Altoona. Pirates slugger signed 2/2 that were sent on 5-7.

Errol Simonitsch c/o New Britian Rock Cats. Signed 1/1 that were sent on 5-3.

Cory Sullivan c/o Rockies ST. Cory signed 1/1 that was sent on 2-15.

J.B. Shuck c/o Ohio State Baseball. J.B. is an outstanding player that will play in the Cape Cod League this summer. JB signed 3/3 that were sent on 4-30-07.

JB also answered a few questions for me. Questions.